Mewsy Onstage!

Mewsy is being adapted for The Stage! Innovative Toronto-based recital collective The Inset has commissioned an opera-dance-theatre-drag stage work, inspired by the Twitter phenomenon, from Canadian-American composer and tenor Isaiah Bell.

Mewsy the Adulteress is a multidisciplinary music-theatre experience set in the cabaret space at Toronto’s iconic Buddies in Bad Times theatre. Audience members in the intimate venue will take in the performance – happening all around them – from swivelling chairs with drinks in hand. The show that begins as a cabaret, turns into a reality-TV drama, and ends as an opera is uniquely cast with real-life opera singers, ballet dancers, Classical instrumentalists and drag queens.

The work will premiere on January 19th, 2017, and run until the 21st.

Fresh from the nunnery, appetite redoubled for her old lascivious ways, Mewsy finds herself in an entry-level position at the Electric Cigarette Cabaret-Theatre. Sure, she has no training or experience, but she has good self-esteem, which is half the battle. Will she step on the right heads to get ahead? Will her fabulously handsome but impossibly square estranged husband ever discover that she’s not, in fact, dead? Mewsy does have a history of getting what she wants… but the success of an under-rehearsed production of the opera warhorse Heriodonclitus, cast with callgirls, businessmen, and a 100-year-old castrato, is considerably less certain.


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Tickets available shortly, through Buddies in Bad Times.