Mewsy Onstage: The Creative Team

The prospect of a Mewsy theatrical adaptation has engaged an impressive array of talent from Canada’s burgeoning indie scene.

Interest in the project was first sparked by The Inset, Toronto’s multidisciplinary recital collective formed by Lucia Cesaroni, Adrian Kramer, Jennifer Nichols, Tyler Gledhill, and Maika’i Nash.

They expanded the team to include West Coast-based tenor, composer, and librettist Isaiah Bell, and performer-producers Gregory Finney (co-producer of the Confidential Opera Project), Christopher Mayell (co-host of Overthought, A Podcast), and Rachel Krehm and Aria Umezawa, the minds behind Toronto’s Opera 5.

Since Mewsy, the original satirical erotic novel in tweets, already counted among its extensive cast a fictionalized incarnation of Vancouver-based baritone drag queen Maria Toilette (the alter ego of impresario and baritone Joel Klein), it was only natural that Maria and her unruly contingent of rabble-rousers, The Gutter Opera Collective, would round out the ensemble with their uninhibited West Coast perspective.